Construction Update 1 – 2/13/2023

The Community Builders and the general contractor, Consigli, are coordinating pre-construction work before the demolition of the vacant 24-34 Heath St. residential building and Anna Mae Cole Community Center (“AMC”) which includes:

  • Removing water from the basements of the AMC, 24-34 Heath St. and 930 Parker Street residential buildings
  • Cutting off water/sewer lines that service the 24-34 Heath St. residential building and the AMC
  • Safely removing hazardous materials from those two buildings
  • Fence installation around the construction site and blocking off specific parking areas (see map below of the affected areas)
  • Tree removal

The Community Builder’s community engagement staff will be onsite during fence installation and tree removal to answer questions from residents. The team continues to coordinate with the Boston Housing Authority and the Mildred Hailey Tenant Task Force to ensure open lines of communication of when site work will take place and how this might impact nearby residents.

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