Phase 1 FAQs


Frequently Asked Questions about the 2 and 6 Lamartine Street buildings

  • What is 2 and 6 Lamartine Street, and where are these new buildings located?

2 and 6 Lamartine Street are the first two new buildings in the redevelopment.  2 Lamartine Street will be located where 24-34 Heath Street and the Anna Mae Cole Centre used to be located.  6 Lamartine Street will be located where the amphitheater, lawn, splash-pad and playground used to be located.

  • Who is the developer and contractor for 2 and 6 Lamartine Street?

The Community Builders (“TCB”) is the developer of 2 and 6 Lamartine Street.  Consigli Construction (“Consigli”) is the general contractor.

  • How many units will each of the first new buildings have and what are the bedroom sizes?_
    • 2 Lamartine Street: 100 Units ranging from studios to five (5) bedroom units
    • 6 Lamartine Street: 123 Units ranging from studios to three (3) bedroom units

The two new buildings will include a total of 91 BHA replacement units and 132 additional affordable and moderate-income units at a variety of income tiers including 30% AMI, 50% AMI, 60% AMI, 80% AMI, and 100% AMI.

  • Will there be laundry facilities in the 2 and 6 Lamartine Street residential buildings?

Yes, laundry facilities will be provided on each floor of each building.

  • Will parking for the new buildings be offered?

There will be an underground garage extending underneath 2 and 6 Lamartine Street with 98 parking spaces including some spots designated for electric vehicle charging. Existing BHA residents with active parking stickers will receive a parking space in the garage.

  • How long will construction last?

It is expected that the overall construction duration should last approximately 2 years for the first two buildings. It is anticipated that the overall redevelopment will take more than 10 years.

  • What are the construction hours?

construction hours

  • What will happen to existing parking during construction?

Due to construction, specific parking lots will be impacted and blocked off.

Construction site area and blocked off parking:

Parking perimeter

  • Will construction cause traffic?

Construction will cause some traffic.  Police officers will facilitate pedestrian and vehicular traffic flow and Appropriate signage will be utilized.

  • Will there be rodent control during construction?

Consigli Construction is implementing a rodent control program administered by a licensed pest control contractor. Rodent control measures will be in-place prior to, during, and following construction activities. The program will include extermination and control procedures on a bi-weekly basis, and the placement of tamper-resistant bait boxes around the perimeter of the site.  The BHA is actively working with a pest/rodent control contractor to manage protections for existing buildings.

  • What is the general contractor doing to limit the amount of noise and odor during construction?

A significant effort will be made to minimize the noise impact of construction activities. Mitigation measures include:

    • Using mufflers on equipment and ongoing maintenance of mufflers
    • Using low sulfur fuels
    • Using less noisy specific construction operations and techniques where feasible (e.g., mixing concrete off-site instead of on-site.)
    • Scheduling of equipment operations to keep average noise levels low, to synchronize noisiest operations with times of highest ambient levels to maintain relatively uniform noise levels
    • Ensuring that idling equipment is turned off when not in use
    • Utilizing saw-cutting methods in lieu of jack hammering where feasible
  • What safety measures are being taken during construction?

Consigli Construction will ensure the construction area minimizes the impact to pedestrians and vehicles. Secure fencing and barricades are isolating construction areas from pedestrian traffic around the site.  Sidewalk areas and walkways near construction activities will be well marked to protect pedestrians.  Signage will be regularly updated as site conditions change.